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JKD Colorado offers seminars both domestically and internationally. Currently, there are annual seminars in Colorado, Spain, and Taiwan. 

Drop us a line if your interested in setting up your own seminar. Pricing is based on location and length of stay. 

Future Seminars

What seminars are comin up?  Click here to find out!! 


What you'll get out of the seminars

A seminar from JKD Colorado will provide you the basics to take JKD on your own and, with practice, become a formidable martial artist. 

You will learn the science behind the skills that will enable you to punch and kick with power and accuracy. 

Build a base of operation that will enhance your ability to adapt to many different scenarios. 

Seminars with JKD Colorado are designed to get someone started on their path to learning, or for return visits to learn more. The hopes is to find folks that will get the bug and stick with it long term. Like anything else, learning something like JKD takes practice and devotion.


Jeet Kune Do is a very unique form of form of fighting. From the techniques to the strategies, you'll find it to be quite different. 

It's good for self defense, self actualization, and fitness. For a competing fighter it can be a surprise striking method that is rarely seen in the ring.  For the average Joe, you may find yourself doing things you never thought you could do. 


Email us to book yours!

The fine print...

Certificates and rankings are not a part of it. We want to teach people who really wish to learn, not those looking for pieces of paper, belts, sashes, or status.  This is not to say that further down the road, a relationship may not be built to become recognized as a JKD Colorado affiliate. The ultimate goal in doing seminars is to continue to perpetuate and preserve Jeet Kune Do. Finding hard-working and honest people is our objective. 

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