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There are two options for payment for classes:

Drop-in Payment

Drop-in rate is $25 per class, paid in cash (only).

To attend, view the class schedule and simply show up. Your first visit will require filling out some basic paperwork, so please arrive 15 minutes early.


  • Less expensive if you don't attend regularly

  • Can show up for any class period (assuming there is room) when convenient for your schedule


  • Students paying monthly will be prioritized. If a student arrives late that pays monthly, you may be asked to give up your spot in the class.

  • You will be turned away if a class is full. We have a fairly small practice room and classes do fill up.

  • Per-class amount is higher


Monthly Payment

One class per week = $59 per month 

You will register for a specific time slot that meets the same day and time per week.

Two Classes per week = $89 per month

You will register for two specific time slots that meet the same day and time each week.

Unlimited monthly tuition = $119 per month.

You will register for three or more specific time slots that meet the same day and time each week.

A non-refundable registration fee of $30.00 is due when registering. This is a one-time charge per student ( or family ).


  • Less expensive if you attend classes regularly

  • Guaranteed placement in class, you will never be sent home because a class is full


  • You are limited to the class time slot for which you registered. But, you are welcome to attend additional classes using the drop-in rate.

The First Class is Free!

We want to make sure it's what you're looking for. Come on in and try out a class to see if it's a fit! Please read the policies page


Emial us to try it free!

Registering for Classes

Class enrollment and monthly payment for JKD Colorado classes are managed by a different website.

To register for classes, you will first need to create an account. Once you have created your account, simply click on the desired classes to enroll. You will have the option to auto-pay monthly via credit card. Before signing up, please read the policies page

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