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Ted Wong
Ted Wong Jeet Kune Do


JKD Colorado is proud to represent Ted Wong Jeet Kune Do. JKD Colorado continues to strive to maintain and preserve what Ted Wong (Bruce Lee's protege) devoted a major portion of his life to. Out of respect for a man who selflessly taught and shared his experiences with Bruce Lee, we aim to uphold his standards of quality and accuracy in our teachings. We do not mix other arts with what was learned from Ted Wong. We believe wholeheartedly that what Ted Wong taught was unique and a complete extension of Bruce Lee's development. The art of Jeet Kune Do is in the details. Ted Wong shared those details, which we are honored to pass on...

Mike Gittleson
Mike Gittleson 

Mike is a long-time student and certified instructor under Sifu Ted Wong, Bruce Lee's protege'. His background in the martial arts is extensive. From the age of 10, he studied traditional jiujitsu and Wing Chun for many years. After moving to southern California, he sought out other martial arts in order to find what he believed to be the answer for him.

In the early 1990s, he was lucky enough to meet Ted Wong and become his private student. Training in Sifu Wong's back yard on a regular basis, Mike learned that Jeet Kune Do was "it". Everything he had learned in other martial arts became a thing of the past.

He soon opened a Jeet Kune Do studio that he ran for several years, teaching many people with various martial arts backgrounds. From police officers, body guards, military, to the average Joe on the street, he taught them to be more efficient and confident in their fighting skills.

Since then, because of family obligations, Mike chose to move back to his childhood home of Colorado. He has continued to teach small groups along the way.

Dan Harris 

Dan began studying with Mike in 2003 as a private student. He never studied any martial arts before Jeet Kune Do and was not previously interested in it. When Jeet Kune Do found him, it inspired something inside he didn't realize was missing.

Dan has never forgotten the special excitement of internal discovery he experienced at the beginning of his lessons. He tries to never lose touch of this and share it with any new students at JKD Colorado. He has made Jeet Kune Do a significant part of his life and is often found punching or kicking invisible adversaries that engage him at random intervals.

Luan Ngyuen 

Luan's experience in Jeet Kune Do is extensive.  Having trained martial arts most of his life, he quickly grasped onto the efficiency of JKD. He is a "sly technician" when it comes to sparring.  

What Luan brings to the table is relaxation, functionality, and fun!

Jason House 

Jason is a great instructor known for his slamming power. He has been a student of JKD for several years, training daily to keep up his skills. He also brings his experience of BJJ to help round out what he offers. 

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