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If you are interested in studying but aren't fortunate enough to live nearby, we do have branches in other places and still growing!! The following are satellite training groups. 

Carlos Valdivia
JKD Arizona

Carlos has been one of Mike Gittleson's longest students. He has been training in JKD since the early 1990's. He also had many group, some private sessions, and a close relationship with Ted Wong along the way. Along with being a very talented martial artist, Carlos is responsible for much of our artwork and logos.  JKD Arizona is his baby. 

Esteban Carbonell Dominguez
Jeet Kune Do Motril Spain

Esteban leads a group in Motril Spain. He's a hard working individual that brings out talent in everyone he trains. Esteban offers group and private lessons. In addition, Esteban is one of Motril's finest (police officer).  You can check him out on Facebook here.... 

JKD Arizona
JKD Motril
Kevin Lin
Taiwan Original Jeet Kune Do

Kevin has been a lifetime martial artist and has been part of the JKD Colorado team for several years. He's probably one of the most flexible men you'd ever see! 

JKD Colorado Taiwan
許原銘 (Jim Hsu)
Taiwan Original Jeet Kune Do

Jim has been training in JKD for many years. He's very talented and known for his power.  He teaches groups along with some private lessons. It has always been obvious that he loves Jeet Kune Do. 

JKD Colorado Taiwan
古鈞喵 (George Ku)
Taiwan Original Jeet Kune Do

George has also been training for many years. He's known for sense of humor as well as the ability to take out convenience store criminals in one blow. 

JKD Colorado Taiwan
Kurt Kong
JKD Australia division
JKD Colorado Australia division

Kurt is our Australian representative. Sparring is his favored method of training but can be seen many days a week in the gym, hitting the bags and doing rounds and rounds of shadowboxing. 

J林千傑  (Michael)

Michael approaches JKD with intelligence and the ability to see the skills from a scientific position. His ability to verbalize lessons makes him a great teacher.  

JKD Colorado Taiwan
Ryan Quon (JKD LA)

Ryan has been active at the Alipne Rec Center LA Chinatown since 1997. He was also lucky enough to have trained with Ted Wong and other instructors of JKD. He has now found himself under the wing of JKD Colorado.

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Daniel Kim (JKD Chicago)

Daniel is a lifelong Jeet Kune Do student with his roots from JKD Colorado. His calm, centered demeanor and passion for martial arts creates a welcoming yet stimulating classroom for Jeet Kune Do enthusiasts in the Chicago area. 

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