What to Wear and to Bring to Class


Kids are expected to wear a very simple uniform including a JKD Colorado tee shirt (to be purchased after their first class) and plain black athletic pants such as kung fu pants or sweat pants. There are many places you can find these pants and we do not require one specific brand but you may purchase them using this link

Kids are expected to show respect to their uniform. Shoes should be in reasonably good shape. Because of the demands we place on fast-moving feet, proper support with quality athletic shoes is very important to prevent injury. Do not purchase "track shoes", which can be very slippery. Check the soles very carefully! Rub them against a smooth surface and make sure there is traction. Your kid will be slipping like on ice if the soles of the shoes are too smooth.

When purchasing new shoes for class, please leave the tags on the shoes and bring them to the first class to be checked by the instructor.

Bring with you:

  • Water Bottle

  • Dedicated athletic shoes (read Shoe Policy)



Adults should wear comfortable clothing designed for lots of movement and sweating. We do not require a uniform but a loose-fitting t-shirt and shorts or sweat pants is appropriate. Please check yourself for appropriate hygeine. You will be sweating and breathing heavily in close proximity to others. Foul odors may be appropriate for taking down an opponent, but are not appreciated in the class setting.

Bring with you:

  • Water Bottle

  • Dedicated athletic shoes

  • Sweat towel

  • Jump rope

  • Focus mitts

Studio Policies

Shoe Policy

Rocks embedded in street shoes can permanently damage the studio floor which is shared with dancers. Dedicated fitness shoes with good traction are required. Don't walk out the door in the same shoes you just used for class.

Studio Closures

The studio will be closed for all major holidays.

General Information

No gum, food or drink are allowed in the studio. Unclaimed lost and found items will be donated if not claimed within 3 months.

Withdrawal From A Class

If you are on auto-pay and decide not to conotinue, it is your responsibility to let us know your intention. Your card will continue to be charged until you notify us. Please be mindful of the billing cycles, as there are no refunds.

Peanut Free/Sensitive Policy

We have adopted a peanut free/sensitive policy to ensure the safety of all students and staff in hopes to provide a studio environment that is safe for all children. Please DO NOT BRING snacks containing peanuts, tree nuts and their oils. We thank you in advance for your understanding and compliance with this policy.


Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday






9:00am-10:00am (level 2&3)

10:00am-11:00am (level 1) 


Tuesday evenings




7000 East 47th Ave Dr Ste 600A

Denver, CO 80216



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