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The Tao of Humility

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

I was having a conversation with a friend a while back about the importance and meaning of humility. Being Humble in most people’s minds seems to denote weakness and subservient behavior.  I personally think that being humble/having humility is a strength all its own.  It takes a strong character to admit and understand their humanity.  Humanity IS humility in my mind.

A humble man reads the paper and sees all the goings on in the world.  He recognizes his interconnection with all the events that he reads about and does not dismiss them as other people’s problems.  He does not always get involved or even have a direct opinion, but he always understands that what’s happening to others could happen to him.  He knows that he is no better than them.

A humble man engages in conversation with peers, friends, or acquaintances. When he does, the other’s opinion is realized as just an opinion even if he thinks that it may be wrong.  He does not criticize or chastise another for different beliefs.  In fact, many times it causes him to question his own opinion to verify his stance.   For again, all are equal.

A humble man knows that everyone is different. In these differences, you may find color, race, intelligence, social status etc.. All these are just differences and nothing more.  These differences don’t deserve attention other than to recognize them as being different.  Another man may possess qualities that are greater or lesser, but neither makes a humble man think less or more of himself.

A humble man may see others surpass him in ventures regarding money, power, or fame.  He does not seek out any of these things, even though they may come to him.  Many humble men throughout history have become great men; Gandhi,  Einstein, Moses, and Jesus Christ.  A modern portrayal that is the epitome of humble would be Maximus in the Gladiator.   I wouldn’t call any of them weak.

A humble man has self control, self constraint, and is self assured.  He realizes that IT just is…

Humility is the strength to do what is right no matter the cost to oneself.

Humility is your ego kept in check as to not stand above others in your own mind .

Humility is the glue that ties humanity together.

It is easy to want more and strive to take it. It takes strength to realize that that comes from greed.  It is easy to try to be better than everyone else but hard to turn that inward and become a better self.  A lesser man may have need for riches, a humble man find richness in himself and in those around him.  Weakness subsides to greed, it’s strength that fights the need.

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