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JKD=Money? The Tao of immesurable wealth….

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

The practice of JKD is indispensable, irreplaceable, and extremely profitable.  Practice and teaching JKD will bring you riches beyond your wildest dreams.  It can be done! You…yes YOU!, can cash in on this vehicle for personal and financial growth.

Stop on a Dime

Those who know me, know that I talk frequently about B.P. & R. (Balance, Precision, and Recovery). To me, these are the qualities in which any martial artists s kill is measured.  They are extremely important factors that determine how effective you are in movement.  No matter what your chosen style or form, without these three things, you are out of control.  Through diligent effort  and concentration, you will be able to move with ease, change direction and stop on a dime.  This is a quality that is admired by many and allows you complete control of your body, enabling you to attack and maneuver at will.

50¢ for the half Beat

Timing is a skill and a feel.  To feel the rhythm and timing, sparring and solo practice are a must.  Once the rhythm is felt, you can break the beat and hit or move on the half beat.  Rhythm is a human constant, a natural response in movement.  Learning to break that cycle is a skill that will return great results. A half beat is hitting between the whole and scoring when least expected.

A Penny for your thoughts

JKD is a thinking man’s art.  That is one of the most beautiful things about it to me.  It can give you mental stimulation at many different levels.  In a sparring session, you learn to think faster as punches and kicks are whizzing past you.  In your own training, you think about training methods that may produce better and faster results.  While working with others, you learn to be aware of your space, your opponent’s movements, and your mistakes.  The mechanics of JKD give you so much thought, you can be swallowed up in it for ever. You think about what you can do better, you learn to fight smarter,  and be as efficient as you can be.

Gas is how much?

Constant practice of JKD not only gives you the ability to punch and kick, It also helps in every day life.  Training gives you more energy, and more fuel to attack your day.  Guess what…JKD is exercise! One thing that I will always remember is that as you get older, exercise will become more important. Watch all your friends become fat and slow while you maintain a lifestyle the keeps you fit and full of fuel.

Worth a Million Bucks

The most valuable part of it all is that you will learn a skill that has many life advantages.  It will fulfill your desires for self actualization and mental stimulation.  As you pass it on to future generations, you share the wealth. You will further the knowledge and perpetuate the lifestyle.  JKD is worth it!

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